Meeting rooms

Amrâth Grand Hotel de l’Empereur is the perfect location for up to 1.250 guests. The hotel has 7 meeting rooms with air conditioning, natural daylight and darkening possibilities.  The ground floor meeting rooms provide access to the hotel garden!

Overview meeting rooms


The Ballroom is a beautiful spacious room which gives you access to the courtyard. Great for a reception, party or other event.

180 SQM 28 28 26 125 90 150 70

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Josephine room

The three Josephine Rooms are available separately or together.
The rooms are spacious, offer plenty of natural light and they give you access to the courtyard.

55 SQM 20 16 40 30 40 30

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Marie Louise room

The Marie Louise rooms are located on the 1st floor. Due to the tall, large windows there is plenty of daylight. It is also possible to darken the room, for example during a presentation.

45 SQM 16 16 30 20 30 30

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Our main lounge is available to use on request for up to 250 guests for example for a reception-type function.

124 SQM 250

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Hotel garden

The courtyard is unique and adjoins the Ballroom and Josephine Room 1, 2 and 3. It is the perfect location for any stylish outdoor event from a business lunch to a barbecue.

280 SQM 250

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Large event

We can accommodate up to 270 guests in a reception-style seating and up to 180 guests for a dinner party.

270 180

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